Technology Trends You Should Take Note Of

trends in technology

In the world of business, it is important that you stay updated with just about everything. The moment you stop being up-to-date, you are little by little becoming obsolete. At some point, this will end up making your operations ineffective and may even cause you to lose some potential clients. One aspect that you have to stay updated with is technology. While tech-savvy alone is not enough to make your business a better enterprise, it can definitely help in transforming your enterprise into becoming one. Here are some of the latest technology trends you should take note of as an entrepreneur.

1. Use customer relationship management software – Maintaining good customer relations is essential for any business. Without it, you will start losing trusted customers and potential clients almost immediately. You have to find ways to maintain your relationship with them and address their concerns as soon as possible. Using customer relationship management software is helpful for any business, regardless of the scale. They can help you keep track of all business-client interactions, respond to questions quicker, and get better access to customer data.

2. Get better “business intelligence” – Making better decisions, especially on the fly, is essential for maintaining the health of any business. As an entrepreneur, you have to find ways to make better business decisions. One way to do this is to make use of business intelligence software. These programs help you gain access to business data and process them in forms that will help you make better business decisions. Having these programs on-hand will come in handy for entrepreneurs of all levels, especially for those handling start-up businesses.

3. Improve your inventory management – Proper inventory management is a must for all businesses. This is especially so for small-scale enterprises. To underscore its importance, studies show that poor inventory management is one of the biggest reasons why small businesses fail to thrive. To prevent this, you have to improve your inventory management. One of the best ways to improve in this end is by making use of software dedicated for this purpose. These programs are designed to track down your warehouse stocks more effectively.

4. Maintain your network security – While technology has been very helpful for businesses, there are some people who make use of technology to perform crimes. This danger is very real, as cyber criminals such as hackers, identity thieves, and scammers have small enterprises as one of their favorite targets. As such, it is very important that you make network security as one of your priorities. There are a number of programs designed to protect your business against cyber criminals. This is one technology you definitely must invest on.

Technology trends are constantly changing. Keeping up to date with these changes is one of the keys to be successful in the world of business today. To further help you in keeping up to date with the latest technologies, make sure to avail of IT services to support small business.  It’s definitely going to be worth your keep.

How to hire an IT consultant? 5 things to keep in mind…

blog3If you are considering hiring an IT consultant for your next project, don’t hurry. Take the time to judge and finally select the consultant. Selecting the right consultant can be more time consuming than hiring a full time employee.

IT consultants are hired for critical tasks which have specific deadlines. An IT consultant is actually a critical person for a critical job. Here are some tips on how to hire a good IT consultant:

1. Decide whether the consultant will work in a contract basis or as a regular employee. The legal statuses are different for the two. For a normal employee you need to pay the medical benefits, unemployment taxes, etc. But for an independent contractor, nothing of this sort is needed. The degree of control and independence in work also varies according to the employment status of the IT consultant.

2. You must protect your intellectual property. You must make sure that the consultant hands over all your data before he/she leaves or doesn’t hold hostage any of your Twitter accounts. A proper agreement must be signed by the employer and the consultant regarding this matter.

3. Verify the recommendations. Conduct a detailed interview with the client and try to find out his experience and knowledge on the related IT task.

4. Understand how the consultant is going to conduct the project. It must align with the company’s plan. Also, knowing the methodology before will save you lot of time by knowing what to expect. You must also know how the consultant is going to train your stuffs.

5. Sign a detailed contract with the consultant. Include all possible clauses like the cost, milestones, hours, deadlines, etc. You must include confidentiality statement in your contract. This will ensure that company data will not be shared among any outside parties.

What challenges do you usually face when looking for a good IT consultant? Let us know below and we’ll do our best to help you out with any questions you may have.

Why is it important to backup your data on a regular basis?

blog2We are using IT systems everyday and saving our business data on server or PC. If you only have one copy of critical business information, like accounts, invoices or contacts, it might be risky. Any time you may lose all your data. You need to have data backup for all your business data.

In case the original file is lost, the backup data can be used. You should backup your data because data loss can happen for a number of reasons. These include:

Deleting files accidentally

This is the most risk data poses. Updating and deleting files are the two tasks we do every day. We might easily delete the wrong files accidentally. That’s why we should make backups of our files regularly.



Huge volume of viruses attacks our computers every day. Internet has come to us almost like a blessing. But as our computer is being exposed to viruses from the internet, our data is being at risk. Some viruses affect operational software, whereas others damage stored data. Due to viruses, your operating system might be damaged. Imagine losing valuable information like client databases, inventions, important industrial information, etc. It will cost you a lot of money to get that information back. Sometimes, you may not get back that information at all.


Mechanical damages of hard drive

Hard drives are fragile. They may break down any time. Servicing a faulty hard drive can cost you more than $1,000. Even there is no guarantee that your hard drive can b recovered fully. So, you need to take backup.


Power failures

Imagine you are on the half way of writing a long article and the power goes off! You will have to redo the whole article unless you’ve created backup. Also, sudden voltage changes may damage the computer hardware.


Theft of computer

Burglars may enter your house and steal your computer. You lose both the computer and the data. So, backup is very essential.


So these are 5 reasons why you need to constantly back up your data. You can’t afford to simply lose it for almost insignificant things. Keep these in mind and you should have no issues in the future.

5 most promising gadgets of 2016… Is virtual reality here to stay?

Blog1In the year 2016, we expect a lot of technological innovations just like year 2015. The innovations that we are expecting in the year 2016 will not only change our lives but will also change the way we look at things. Here is a list of new gadgets that we will be expecting in the year 2016:

1) 4K and 8K Televisions

For the past few years we have been busy with curved TVs, high definition TVs, 3D TVs, etc. In 2016, we expect the arrival of 4K TV or ultra high definition sets which offer very high picture quality. We also expect that 8K TV will soon occupy the market which has 16 times more detailed pictures than our high definition TVs today.


2) Online connected Video Game Systems

Downloading music, videos, movies, app, etc. are the norm now. Video game is not left behind. In 2016, we will see video game systems that can be connected online and so hundreds of players will be able to play the games in real time.


3) Over the top TV

This is video on demand services that are capable of beaming movies over the Internet to your TV directly. This device can be connected to smart phones and tabs as well. So you’ll have unlimited entertainment wherever you go.


4) Self-driving Cars

Driving is not a very easy task. Even the best driver can have a bad day. These self driving cars will be fully automated. This will save you from making mistakes. They will open a new horizon for the automotive industry.


5) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

These will allow gamers to physically look at their surroundings, a tourist to take a virtual tour to the moon for example and many more crazy things. You will surely hear lots about ‘virtual reality’ in the year 2016.


Which of these are you looking forward to? Is virtual here to stay? Let us know your thoughts!